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Empower your employees to take positive action against absenteeism

Unplanned or unjustified absences can seriously disrupt the smooth running of any company. Focus software will help you reduce absenteeism in both the short and long term. By recording the reason for the absence, Focus will create a series of reports targeted to individual employees, employee groups or sections.


Armed with these reports, you are better able to challenge specific employees at the time of their individual performance reviews. Rather than having a detrimental effect, studies show how greater involvement can actually empower employees to take their absences more seriously.

With Focus, we are confident you can significantly reduce the level of unjustified absences below the industry average of 14% of all absences.

Focus can also provide reports on the Bradford Factor for every individual employee, group or section. The Bradford Factor is based on studies at Bradford University which proved that many absences over a short period of time are more disruptive than one absence over a longer period. The Bradford Factor is an industry wide recognised tool used to highlight problem areas and can also be linked to your disciplinary procedure.


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