A robust and reliable device capable of scanning 3,000 images a second

Biometric fingerprint scanners work by reading an employee’s fingerprint, and storing it as a mathematical algorithm – a code to allow the terminal to check a fingerprint. You can allay your employees’ fears that their fingerprints are being kept on record by explaining there is no possibility a fingerprint from an algorithm can be replicated.


By installing our biometric fingerprint reader, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • up to 50,000 fingerprint storage
  • scans 3,000 entries per second
  • 2.5” colour LCD screen
  • high quality sound
  • no cards, fobs or PINs needed
  • eliminates ‘buddy punching’
  • incorporates access control
  • USB/RS232/wireless connection with host

When using the fingerprint reader for access control, you can program the unit to read a ‘duress fingerprint’, allowing a different finger to be used in a dangerous situation – if an employee is being forced to open a door, for instance. Reading the duress fingerprint, the door will open as normal but the system will discreetly send an alarm signal to the main terminal or security office.