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Fastest, accurate, non-contact method of biometric clocking

Biometric face scanners offer a fast, reliable method of monitoring the comings and goings of your employees without the need for physical contact. Face scanners match and verify far more data points than finger scanners, making them more accurate and less prone to errors. At HR Industries, we offer a choice of three advanced models:



With the combined power of a dual-CPU matching engine and a sophisticated face recognition algorithm, FaceStation features real-time matching. Real-time matching permits instant authentication to users, eliminating unnecessary hold-ups at entry points. This superior speed comes without compromising security, making FaceStation a stable, reliable time and attendance and access control solution.

Offering an ultra-fast matching speed with low error rate, FaceStation has the ability to store up to five different profiles per user. It can even distinguish between twins and authenticate users wearing hijabs.

FaceStation’s contactless authentication method will operate under varying light conditions, using a built-in proximity sensor and patented adaptive IR illumination technology. The unit features a clear, ultra-wide 4.3-inch touchscreen LCD display. An intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) facilitates use with aids such as motion guide during clocking, while hard buttons make the device suitable for heavy duty applications.

 VF780 Face Recognition with RFID and Touchscreen

The VF780 face terminal offers fast recognition and authentication times, with integrated RFID and optional WiFi connectivity, adding extra value. Capable of storing up to 4,000 face templates, verification time is less than a second.

Operation is easy via a 3” touchscreen and the compact design will fit in any work environment. The unit also offers relay and connections allowing the use of door lock, sensors, bell or exit button, creating a complete time & attendance and access control solution.

 Time & Access F710

The highly intelligent F710 incorporates an embedded facial recognition system with advanced ‘dual sensor’ facial recognition algorithm allowing it to be used for time and attendance and access control applications.

The device offers fast and accurate identification, processing up to 500 templates in under a second, via multi authentication methods in face only or various face and card combinations. The user-friendly 3.5” colour screen makes for easy face positioning while a voice prompt talks through the process. Like FaceStation, the F710 will function in poor light conditions, even in darkness.



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