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Time and Attendance Software

Within Focus Core you have a choice of three software solutions, all supported by our full range of HRX proximity card and biometric hand, fingerprint and face clocking terminals, providing you with a complete package tailored to your budget and specific requirements.

Whether you need a simple clocking system to calculate hours worked with easy reports, or if your business needs to deal with advanced shift rules, bonuses, absence planning and detailing reporting, we have the following solutions:

Focus Lite – for basic attendance recording with streamlined, time-saving payroll processing
Focus Pro – offering workforce scheduling, enhanced absence monitoring and reporting to reduce operating costs and improve decision making
Focus Enterprise – offering customised reporting options, detailed cost centre analysis, email alerts and enhanced pay rates helping you to manage your business better

To see features at a glance, take a look at our comparison table.

Whichever solution you choose you’ll be making a sensible investment. All our software can be continually upgraded to meet the future needs of your business.

Timesheet with flexitime 21

Our Timesheets will become your most regularly used reference tool, taking the clocking-in data for each individual employee and applying any rules that may be in place. The Timesheet enables you to see a week at a view – expanding to accommodate clocking, displaying times in and out and total hours. At the same time, you will enjoy the flexibility to change any information as necessary. Focus will record the change, the reason for the change and the person responsible, giving you complete control and preventing any misuse.

The Timesheet will highlight infringements such as occasions of lateness or leaving early. Additionally it will record exceptions such as failures to clock in or out or of not reaching target hours. The Timesheet will also tell you which daily rules are applied to each employee (such as night shift, admin etc).


Watch Features

The Watch function provides a real-time display of employees clocked in or out, changing with each clock-in, indicating who is present on site. You can set the Watch screen to monitor specific groups or sections within your organisation as well as installing it as a feature on more systems within your workplace. Many companies provide their reception or switchboard areas with a Watch screen to help receptionists and operators handle visitors and phone calls. Supervisors can also monitor attendance within their designated group of employees.

Calendar Features

The Calendar features allows you to see a year at a glance for each employee, including instances of planned/unplanned absences, holidays, paid/unpaid sick leave and any other events you wish the system to highlight.

Calendar planning is an invaluable tool when it comes to Holiday. You can start the holiday year at any time, even customising it for each employee. The calendar will tell you how many holiday days each employee has accrued, how many have been taken and how many they have booked. Similarly, the calendar enables you to chart planned absences such as training days for individual employees and groups.

Employee Availability

The Availability screens give­ you a snapshot of how many of your employees are expected to be at work at any one time, either as individuals or groups of individuals. Attendance figures are shown as a percentage allowing you to plan for the peaks and troughs which may affect your operation. Holidays and days off can also be booked using this function.

Avaliability Absent


Work Sceldule
Scheduling and Roster

Using our Scheduling and Roster tools you can set up fixed or flexible working patterns for your employees and implement them according to the needs of your business. Such working patterns might include daily rules where you fix rounding up or rounding down clockings, applying breaks or overtime rates and more. You can pre-determine how daily rules combine for fixed shifts thus cutting out time-consuming administration. This tool can also deal with weekly overtime rules, rotating shifts, absent days and target hours.

Focus can produce a multitude of reports to allow you to interpret the collected data in many different ways. Reports can be exported as a choice of seven file types, including PDF and Excel documents.
These exports include department-by-department reports allowing supervisors to manage better and to action any issues. It allows your supervisors access enabling them to oversee working patterns and make adjustments if needed.

With the Focus Scripting options you or your supplier can create your own scripts within the program, giving you complete flexibility.


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