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Unlimited number of flexible shift rules  Yes with reduced shift rule capability  tick tick
Unlimited number of work schedules  tick tick tick
Manage overtime, breaks, bonuses and rounding  tick tick tick
 Record holidays and other absences Yes, through timesheet only  tick tick
 Recording of public holidays Limited  tick tick
 Track lateness and early outs tick tick tick
 Edit timesheets tick tick tick
 Number of separate pay columns 6 6 20+
Manage user privileges tick tick tick
 Export to Sage, Iris, Earine, Thesaurus and other payroll packages tick tick tick
 Enhanced Reporting Suite

 Reduced range

tick tick
 Save reports to Excel, PDF, HTML, TIFF and CSV formats  Excel and CSV only tick tick
 Fire evacuation roll call report  Triggered manual only tick tick
 Archive facility tick tick tick
 Backup and restore facility tick tick tick
 Exceptions management facility cross tick tick
 Staff availability management facility View only  tick tick
 Employee absence calendar View only  tick tick
Watch window (real time employee in/out status) Yes, but manual refresh  tick tick
 Rota planning facility cross tick tick
 Flexitime cross tick tick
 Real-time clockings download cross tick tick
 Record Employee contact details and user defined information cross tick tick
 Memo Facility cross tick tick
 Audit log cross tick tick
 PC / web clocking modules available tick tick tick
 VB scripting of shift rules and payroll export Limited to shift rules only  tick tick
 Cost centres cross cross tick
 Custom report and query design facility cross cross tick
 Emailing of reports option cross cross tick
 Door access control cross tick tick
 Multi-concurrent user option tick tick tick
 Compatible with HRX, Handpunch, ZK, Biostation Hanvon clocking terminals tick tick tick
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