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Terminals to meet the needs of every organisation and every size of workforce

We have developed a range of clocking terminals designed to operate with our Focus time and attendance software packages. We offer a number of products from basic proximity card RFID devices to the latest, most sophisticated, biometric-based hand, fingerprint and face scanners. Our HRX Series of RFID terminals is designed to work with our Focus Lite, Focus Pro and Focus Enterprise software, covering a range of tasks from basic clocking in/out, to additional features such as access control.


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For operations processing large numbers of employees, our biometric terminals are the most effective solutions. Our hand, fingerprint and face scanning terminals eliminate the need for issuing proximity cards or fobs and prevents ‘buddy punching’ and other potential misuse of proximity cards. Our biometric terminals can be used instead of conventional terminals or alongside them.

You can use them around your premises as access control devices, while security can be further enhanced when used in conjunction with a PIN number. PIN numbers can also be used by employees with physical difficulties who cannot use the fingerprint or hand identification methods. Biometric devices can be selected to suit the work environment. Fingerprint readers, for instance, are suitable for ‘clean’ work areas such as offices, hotels and clubs, while face scanners are more suitable for contained environments.


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