We are the U.K's leading developer of time and attendance, access control and human resource systems.

We design and manufacture time and attendance hardware and software, from simple, plug and play systems to sophisticated, multisite solutions tailored to you and your company’s specific needs.


Whatever your time and attendance requirements, HR Industries has a software solution to suit you and your workforce. Focus is designed for large operations needing to handle advanced shift rules, bonuses, absence planning and more detailed reporting as well as small organisations requiring a basic clocking-in system to calculate hours worked with easy reports.


The HRX Series uses proximity cards incorporating Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to communicate with the clocking terminal. RFID allows employees to keep their cards inside their wallets or purses whilst clocking, making for a fast and efficient signing in/out procedure. The RFID terminals can be incorporated into any sized corporation, offering quick and easy access for your employees.


Using a mathematical algorithm, our Biometric Hand, Finger and Face systems allows employees seamless access without the need for cards or fobs. Our systems offer secure access solutions for your business without compromising employees personal identities and data.