Our most rugged biometric unit processes clocking on site or remotely

The Hand Reader makes over 31,000 different measurements of your employee’s hand to ‘read’ and verify when clocking in/out. The template matching procedure takes less than a second and is a fast, efficient method of processing your employees entering and exiting the building.


More importantly, this type of clocking system eliminates ‘buddy punching’ (clocking in on behalf of another employee) or any other misuse. This makes it ideal for unsupervised sites when employees’ movements are not easily monitored. The system has a high degree of readability and can recognise even stained or dirty hands.

Choose an HR Industries’ biometric hand reader and you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • calibrated for 50, 100, 512 or 9000 employees
  • no cards or fobs needed
  • eliminates ‘buddy punching’
  • completely upgradeable
  • may be used for access control
  • used in conjunction with PIN number
  • RS232 (COM) or TCP/IP connection
  • Can be used with GPRS modem for connection via mobile phone network

The hand reader requires users to enter a PIN and it compares their hand image with their stored template. This is referred to as 1:1 mode and the PIN entry adds a few seconds to the clocking process. Fingerprint and face scanners don’t require a PIN and can ‘find’ the users’ finger/face in all stored templates (1:N mode)’