Monitor attendance and resolve punctuality issues

Persistent lateness, leaving early, or taking extended break periods are the kind of problems that not only disrupt work patterns but can cost your company thousands of pounds a year.

Say, for instance, you employ 50 people, each paid £15,000 a year and each employee is five minutes late for work every day, then the overspend for wages for staff not working that year would cost you £8,333 based on a 37.5-hour working week.


Ongoing lateness can lead to bad feeling amongst other employees and can reduce morale overall. With Focus in place, these problems are removed as every employee is treated equally. Focus will generate a full range of attendance reports, enabling you to monitor individuals, groups or sections.

Using this information you can highlight and resolve any problems as they arise without being accused of favouritism or victimisation. In turn, these time and attendance reports can be used to substantiate disciplinary meetings and as part of performance reviews.