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Enterprise level attendance management

Focus Enterprise offers customised reporting options, detailed cost centre analysis, email alerts and enhanced pay rates. Suitable for larger organisations, Focus Enterprise allows you to control budgets, plan resources and mitigate the adverse effects of absence and lateness. Building upon the core values of Focus Pro, Focus Enterprise provides you with a virtually limitless source of data pulled from employee clockings and work schedules.

Report designer

The Report Designer feature provides you with access to reports tailored to your specific needs when and where you need them. The cost centre analysis features add value to data allowing you to analyse it by job role, site or project in conjunction with existing team or departmental groupings. Focus Enterprise benefits your organisation with sophisticated add-ons including:

  • schedule reports by email or send direct to printer
  • increased number of pay rates (up to 20)
  • cost centre analysis
  • save report templates
  • store daily/weekly rule scripts in a file structure for re-use
  • built-in report designer
  • integration with Cascade HR & Cascade Payroll software systems

Increased number of pay rates

Focus configures shift rules by automatically calculating the hours an employee should be paid for and at what rate. Focus Lite and Focus Pro are limited to six rates, Focus Enterprise can handle up to 20, simply by adding new rates via the system’s settings.

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Cost centre and rates timesheet options

You may not require all 20 rates Focus Enterprise offers. You can hide any empty columns in the Timesheet view by simply checking a tick box. This is handy when multiple rates have been set up by eliminating the need to scroll along to see potential hours worked in columns that might be at the end of the Timesheet view. Plus, a tick box enables the Cost Centre colours to be displayed on the clocking times within the timesheet, showing you where hours have been worked.

Saves report templates

Another time-saving feature Focus Enterprise offers is the ability to set up and experiment with employees or absence period reports. These can then be saved as templates to be used by yourself or your supervisors in the future.

Schedules reports by email

Focus Enterprise’s advanced reporting capability allows reports to be sent via email to pre-designated recipients. A schedule can be set up to send reports at set times during the week.

Stores daily/weekly rule scripts in a file structure for re-use

The Files section of Focus Enterprise software gives you the option of storing custom reports, scripts and SQL statements for future use. For example, very often special scripts are applied to clockings if the requirement is not catered for already within the software. Storing such items makes them easily accessible.


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