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The complete time and attendance solution for small businesses

Easy and intuitive to use, Focus Lite is designed for small- to medium-sized businesses. It allows your operation to save money by tracking your employees’ time and attendance as well as reducing overheads on lost time.


Supplied complete with a proximity reader terminal as standard, the Focus Lite package includes all the equipment you need in your workplace as a self-install plug and play product:

  • terminal (HRX 1000 proximity reader as standard)*
  • 25/50/100 proximity cards
  • Focus Lite software
  • installation and start-up guide
  • user guide

Although Focus Lite is our entry level system, all our products are fully upgradable. So, should the needs of your business change, your Focus Lite system can change with them.

The Focus Lite software package offers the following key functions:


Calendar hours, breaks, rounding and overtime

Focus Lite automatically calculates an employee’s wages based upon the configuration of rules imported by you. Timesheets can be edited to allow clockings and time accrued to be adjusted. Individual user rights control access to employee groups and system features


Integrating with payroll or export to Excel

With Focus Lite, payday is hassle free. The system allows you to export employees’ hours directly from the Focus Lite software into your own payroll package. Focus Lite is compatible with most packages including Sage Payroll , Sage Micropay, Iris, Quantum, Thesaurus and more. Alternatively, Focus Lite allows you to export the data into MS Excel and will produce reports if you prefer to manually control your payroll process.

Managing absence and lateness

Focus Lite allows you to specify and record which absences you wish to enter into the system, including holidays and sickness. Focus Lite allows you to pre or post book absences on the timesheets. You can track who amongst your employees are expected to be working and, if they fail to clock in, the system automatically highlights those in question and displays it on the timesheet. In addition, employees arriving late for work can be tracked via the Lateness report while other infringements such as extended breaks can be recorded on both Timesheets and Infringement reports.


Viewing availability

This function of Focus Lite allows you to view pre-booked absences making it easy to see who’s available for work and who isn’t. All absences are displayed in defined colours and easy-to-distinguish groups. You can see how your business is covered on any particular day and make informed decisions on whether an employee can book a holiday or not.

Schedule clockings download

Using the clocking terminal, you can schedule and download your clockings data up to 10 times a day. An easy-to-use button downloads the latest clocking data in an instant.

Fire roll call

Fire evacuation reports are essential for any business operating a clocking in/out system and Focus Lite provides them using pre-defined printers or from a shortcut on your PC. Our software will allow you to safely and securely record the latest attendance data.

*Alternatively, Focus Lite can also be supplied with a biometric terminal on request.


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